Why Less is More in Skincare (a minimalist approach).

As a consumer first and a formulator second, I have always wondered why some skincare products have 40 ingredients plus, and some had no more than ten. After creating a beautiful and effective product such as The Butter and now Bare Butter, I have come to the conclusion that less is more. More ingredients do not necessarily mean that you'll have a better performing product. 

I believe that there is a threshold to performance, and by that, I mean just because a skincare product has 40 ingredients does not grant it more exceptional performance than a product that has five ingredients. For example, raw coconut oil is an incredible moisturizer on its own, adding 30 ingredients on top of that won't necessarily enhance the skincare product.

We have to think about the value each ingredient brings to the product in its entirety. When you add a tiny amount of endless ingredients, you are not getting its benefits as you would if there were far and few. It may look great on a product label to have a long list of ingredient names, but I instead create products where I choose the ingredient intentionally and have included potent amounts of it in the product to show results. Ingredient performance will depend on the type of ingredient and how it is used.

Skincare products with fewer ingredients can also mean fewer skin reactions, and more results, because there's a greater chance of the skin absorbing the ingredients that are in the product in higher quantity. 

I want you to take this away with you. Your skin is self-reparative. It has the ability to self-heal, given the right diet and lifestyle. There is no miracle skincare product out there. The very best of organic plant-derived skincare products will enhance and may accelerate skin regeneration.


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To live simply is to be free! 

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