Tap Into These Top 15 Self-Care Tools

This post will give you 15 self-care tools that you can tap into anytime to increase joy and feel greater alignment with your mind, body and soul. 
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Let me remind you real quick that your best life is lived when you come from a place of abundance. People who see a glass half full and can push negativity to the wayside are generally happier. But, we all know that it is easier said than done. This is why, I want you to tap into my top 15 self-care tools on a daily to weekly basis to elevate inner peace and joy.

Since life is anything but perfect. There are setbacks, so it's necessary to always keep self-care tools in your back pocket to get you through tough days or to just center your thoughts and emotions that can sometimes run wild.

Here are my top 15 self-care tools for you to use anytime you need -

1. Journal - WRITE IT DOWN! - I know right about now, some of you are like? Okay, that is so archaic. I only use digital calendars and notepads on my phone. But updating your google calendar or setting quick reminders is not the same as intentional journaling, reflecting, and goal setting. 

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2. Music - create a GO TO PLAYLIST. I want you to select your favorite songs and create a playlist, call it "Feel Good," literally. This will be your "pick me up" when you need an extra boost. Whenever you need it, turn up the volume and dance it off. Here's mine.

3. Positive Affirmations - CREATE A MANTRA - then repeat it daily and as often as you need. Positive affirmations are such a powerful tool. I have so many, and currently, I love the mantra by Marie Forleo that "everything is figureoutable." Need more self-love inspo? Check out my six steps to increasing self-love.

4. Netflix - PLAN A DATE - sometimes all we need is a Netflix and chill night to reset. Now, don't make this a daily thing but set aside time for once or twice a month to treat yourself to a Netflix date night. Make it fun, grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy it. I'm sure you'll sleep better that night.

5. Podcast - LEARN ON THE GO - listen to a motivational, uplifting, and relatable podcast while running through mundane tasks. Sometimes we just need to hear that someone else has been through something similar or overcame adversity to feel like we're not alone in this. 

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6. Skincare Ritual - KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SHORT - ain't nobody got time for a 20-minute skincare ritual. Let's be real. As a mom and a solopreneur, somedays my skincare ritual is as simple as applying The Butter out the shower, and that's it. And I love that brief moment for myself. Enjoy caring for your skin daily. 

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7. Make A Drink - FROM SCRATCH - the art of making a drink with layers of wholesome ingredients will force you to pause in your otherwise busy day. Making drinks from scratch, will naturally slow you down because you're focused on warming up the milk or tea, blending the fruits into a smoothie, layering in your nut butter and powders. It's like this tiny ceremonial event that you get to have all to yourself. Sharing a favorite hot chocolate recipe below,

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8. Move - YOUR BODY- practice 30 minutes of daily movement, whether that's exercising, walking, some yoga, whatever gets you moving but do it consistently. I love turning on Pop Sugar work out videos in the morning before starting my day.

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9. Automate Food - BATCH COOK OR USE DELIVERY SERVICE - there is no shame in simplifying healthy meals. If you're super busy, which most of us are, look into batch cooking once or twice a week or nutritional meal delivery services, which could take some of the load off your plate. Give my vetted and approved meal delivery services a try, I'm dropping discount codes below,

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Fig Salad

10. Read - NESTLE UP TO A BOOK - you'll learn something new and take your mind off of things. 

11. Premixed Baking - KEEP IT EASY - my favorite baking mixes are from Simple Mills. Also, a great vegan option is Coconut Whisk, use code SPLBLOG to get 15% off your first order. So fun to do with your toddler, or on a weeknight, takes no time at all to whip up delicious baked goods with healthier ingredients out of a premixed box.

12. Call A Friend - STOP TEXTING - pick up the phone and call someone you love chatting with. 

13. Diffuse Essential Oils - AROMATHERAPY - literally, I mean, it's in the name, and it can do wonders for the mind and help destress. Essentials oils are uplifting and energetic.  

14. Gardening - GO OUTSIDE, weather permitting, get your hands dirty, feel the soil, grow your own veggies, and/or flowers. Gardening is known to be relaxing. Grow something!

15. Breathing Exercises -TUNE INTO YOUR BREATH - this helps to calm a racing mind. When we breathe properly, we can improve our overall well-being, including sleep

Far Momin founder of She Plants Love sitting on rocks outside on a fall day.

There you have it, my roundup of 15 self-care tools that I pick from every single day. A well-balanced lifestyle sounds dreamy and unrealistic. Life is busy. Women, and especially us moms, are constantly multi-tasking, so we need supportive tools. Hopefully, you'll use some of the tools I mentioned.

Remember to show yourself grace, slow down, listen to your body, do right by your soul, be kind to yourself and others. Use my suggested self-care tools to optimize joy.

Comment below with your self-care practice. I'd love to know what that looks like?


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