You Should Know This About Stretch Marks Mama

In this post I talk about how I don't have any stretch marks from my pregnancy, what I did exactly to avoid it and how it's also possible for you. 

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I walked away from having a baby 16 months ago without any stretch marks on my belly or back. Now I'm not sharing this to show off, but rather to tell you that it's possible for you too. You should know this about stretch marks Mama! Let's just clear the air first, stretch marks don't make our bodies undesirable.

They are reminders of where we've been and our journey. It's honestly a personal preference whether it bothers you or not. I'm grateful for my skin's recovery, but I wasn't trying to avoid stretch marks, just to put it out there. I'm sharing what I did while I was pregnant, in hopes that it helps you too.

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I was itching like a madwoman, the first trimester, well before I knew that I was pregnant. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and itch away. Or I couldn't stop scratching my itch throughout the day. I itched so bad all the way through to my third trimester. My back was on fire from all the itching. I practically had this giant dark patch on my back from it all.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I realized that I was itching because my skin was stretching as my belly and body grew to make room for my baby. Keeping my skin well moisturized felt better, so I started applying our Butters extensively throughout the day. I'd apply it in the morning, mid-afternoon or after a shower, before bed, and anytime an intense itching sensation came about. I would crack open the jar and generously apply our Butters. I did this every single day. Take note of this key point.

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Here's The Truth About Stretch Marks

Skin that stretches too quickly, is pulled to what is called striae distensae, or stretch marks, which are linear scars in the dermis that appear from the skin's rapid stretching. Stretch marks are super common, and you can get them anywhere on your body. Especially around the areas where you've gained weight quickly. It affects 50-90% of pregnant women, and so it's most common in moms.

clinical study done on pregnant women showed that emollient ingredients like Rosehip oil can improve stretch marks' severity. Since our Butters have Rosehip oil and a host of other high performing ingredients that keep the skin well moisturized around the clock, it helped prevent stretch marks for me.

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I don't think you need light therapy or any fancy process to remove and minimize your stretch marks. You should know that most stretch marks will lighten or disappear over time. Moisturization helps to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and may even remove it altogether. Did you know that you are itching the most when you're just starting to get fresh stretch marks? It's easier to manage new stretch marks than mature.

Keep your skin well moisturized from early on. Coconut oil is known to be wound healing and will alleviate some of the stress on your skin. Our Butters are packed with coconut oil. But you would never know that because it's not greasy, as most coconut oil-based products can be! I used it from the very beginning when I had just started to itch but no stretching signs yet. I applied The Butter frequently and kept my skin well moisturized. After I gave birth, I was pleasantly surprised to see how my skin bounced back.

The Secret Is In This Powerhouse Blend

Ingredients in our Butters

The best thing you can do to prevent stretch marks is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated, well before your skin starts stretching. Consistently moisturize at the onset of new stretch marks. Plant-based oils and butters are highly emollient and ultra moisturizing. These are going to be your best pals, not kidding, unlike water based lotions. Think butters and dense creams.

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Our Butters have zero water in it. It's made from certified organic plant oils, blended into an airy, lightweight formula that creates a protective skin barrier. If you're pregnant or have gained / lost significant weight, my advice for you is to try our Butters. Give yourself all-day skin comfort, don't itch away until your skin is literally on fire, start moisturizing asap, and you'll be on your way to greater skin elasticity. If you're dealing with sensitive skin you'll also want to read up on why our Butters are good for skin sensitives like eczema. I want to know if you're a mom dealing with stretch marks or have a similar story like mine?

Comment below, on what's working for you so we can all help each other find natural alternatives.

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