Create space for evolving self-care.

Exploring the clean skincare space, or looking to simplify your skincare routine, maybe even tired of the countless products stacking up on your dresser claiming fake promises. Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you that you can create a fulfilling skincare ritual. Hero products that serve multi-purposes and are functional for daily use can help unpack the overwhelming feeling of taking care of your skin.
My creations are functional, placing self-care at the heart center. I handcrafted butters to be used daily to its maximum potential on skin and hair. Made with performance based organic ingredients, sourced from beautiful lands like Bulgaria, Ghana, and Chile. My products feel like a luxurious mini spa — gentle formulation for even the most sensitive of skin types. 
As a South Asian American, I struggled with my skin pretty much my entire life. Growing up, I had no one to model my skin after. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an adverse reaction to skincare products and cosmetics. I've spent years hiding behind concealers, which made my hyperpigmented sensitive skin issues worse. I wanted better options that eventually I started to dig deeper into natural alternatives, which led me to become a certified aromatherapist, and starting She Plants Love. 
By being more intentional with my skincare routine, I have gained confidence and saved a ton of time! My hope is that my products make you feel good about your skincare ritual. And that you create space for evolving self-care so that you may shine your brightest light.