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a letter from Far



So I’m not here for the coconut / turmeric trend ; )

Skincare struggle has been REAL my entire life, as a South Asian American - growing up I had no one to model my skin after. Skincare just wasn’t as customized back then. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an adverse reaction to skincare products and cosmetics. I've spent years hiding behind concealers, which made my hyperpigmented sensitive skin issues worse. I wanted better options so badly that eventually I got fed up with it all and started to dig deeper into natural alternatives.

Since 2014, I’ve been on a quest to simplify skincare with the help of plants. The power of plants are incredible and their ability to heal is tremendous. Today, I mostly use green beauty brands, I love so many of them! My skin has improved to where I’ve gained the confidence to run errands without makeup (it's a big deal friends). Every person across every skin type deserves skincare that is suitable for them. When we say inclusive of all shades, we mean that she plants love is for everyone.

My creations are functional (multi-purpose), while promoting attainable self care. I truly believe in simple self care rituals. The practice of conscious living, intersects my life and work. Part of this is knowing what conscious consumption truly means, being aware of what’s in a product as well as who makes it is the first step. I’m ecstatic to share my ever advancing wellness journey with you. We are a family owned business, I carefully source lush ingredients, formulate and blend myself and with the help of my husband, we fill each jar with intention and care in the beautiful coast of New England.

I invite you to slow down, take more road trips, listen to the waves crashing down by the ocean, watch more sunsets, nourish yourself with home cooked meals, create space for evolving self care so that you may shine your brightest light.

In great health & love, 


(founder of she plants love)